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Australia Immigration

April 4, 2013



Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for skilled migration and tourism, with an efficient immigration system serving Australia’s huge demand for skilled migrants. It’s name alone brings to mind unusual wildlife and wide-open space, flora found nowhere else on Earth, friendly people, and different cultures. 


Australia offers a very unique and impressive vista. From the magnificent beaches to the delightful deserts, the wetlands and rainforests, the mountain ranges and the fun filled snow fields to the expansive cropping farmlands and grazing country. Some years, after heavy rain there are massive inland lakes that become a paradise for hundreds of thousands of birds. This phenomenon is often acknowledged as a gift of nature and people flock from across the country to view the splendor of what was formerly a dry harsh landscape. We proudly have very unique flora that colours Australia throughout most of the year. The wild flowers of Western Australia spring to life after good winter rains and they attract people from all over the world to see the glorious mass of colours. Comprising six States and two Territories, Australia is expansive and so are the opportunities to explore and experience an amazing continent. Australia has unique wildlife which many people have never seen or sometimes even heard of. We also have a few dangerous animals and insects that you need to be aware of. If you email us, we are happy to send you fact sheets on anything that may create concern to you or your family. Australia is one of the world’s least densely populated countries (after Mongolia and Namibia), with fewer than three people per square kilometer , but the effects of climate change have been felt across the continent. 


A Westminster system of government and law inherited from the British is followed in Australia. There are two main political parties and a number of minor parties, which make up the Commonwealth Parliament. Each state and territory also has its own government.

The Australian legal system is based on a fundamental belief in the rule of law, justice and the independence of the judiciary. All people—Australians and non-Australians alike—are treated equally before the law and safeguards exist to ensure that people are not treated arbitrarily or unfairly by governments or officials.

Principles such as procedural fairness, judicial precedent and the separation of powers are fundamental to Australia’s legal system. In effect, Australia has nine legal systems—the eight state and territory systems and one federal system. However, it is the state and territory criminal laws that mainly affect the day-to-day lives of most Australians.

Each of the federal and state systems incorporates three separate branches of government—legislative, executive and judicial. Parliaments make the laws, the executive government administers the laws, and the judiciary independently interprets and applies them.


Living in Australia is to share in the culture of openness and a passion for getting the most out of life. Australian society encourages opportunity for all and gives everyone a ‘fair go’, while also fostering a strong spirit of competition. Combined with all the other attributes on offer, Australia is not only a leading location for international companies but the destination of choice for their employees.

Australian lifestyle and diverse culture imitates its moderate democratic traditions and values. Australian lifestyle is a blend of recognized traditions and new influences. With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment, and quality social and cultural infrastructure.

Australian cities are regularly judged to be among the most livable in the world across by a range of international surveys. The cost of living in Australia’s capital cities is also lower than in most other major capitals worldwide, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York City, Singapore, London, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Australia is renowned for its natural beauty and advanced lifestyle. From affordable quality education to a large number of employment opportunities, the country caters to all the requirements of an immigrant. Water sports and aquatic activities are abundant around Australia offering an exciting and diverse life style.

Australia supports a thriving national and local art, theatre, dance, film, opera and music scene which attracts many international performers and artists. Australian restaurants are creating an international reputation for their fresh and inviting menus. The print and broadcast media is robust and lively, with about 1,200 lifestyle and other magazines – among the most per capita in the world – catering for all tastes.


In Australia over 200 different languages and dialects are popular, including over 45 indigenous languages. The most commonly spoken languages (other than English) are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.


Australian people enjoy a high level of good health. The nation has quality housing, water and sanitation, and an adequate supply of food and medicines. Health care in Australia follows western traditions with technical and scientific skills used to prevent, examine and treat ill health. You can access emergency ambulance help by ringing 000.


The education system is comprehensive enough to develop required skills in students and serve them well in whichever field they enter. The fee structure is affordable and numerous financial aid options are available for students wishing to pursue their education from Australia.

The quality of Australia’s education and training sector is internationally recognized. The country has well-designed private, state and federal-funded education systems offering high quality primary, secondary and tertiary education, and extensive vocational training, including specialized institutions for teaching English. Expatriate students at Australian schools can continue their schooling at US and European educational institutions without difficulty.


The opportunities in Australia are equally as expansive as the continent. Australia abounds with business and job opportunities in mining, tourism, farming, aquaculture, horticultural, viticulture and service industries as well as the health care industry. 

The country offers job opportunities to migrants in varied fields like retail, administration and hotel management. Migrants have options to either work part time or full time depending upon their own suitability. Student immigrants are also eligible to work 20 hours per week till their course of study.

Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world and people who live and work in Australia enjoy the best of all worlds.

Many of the Australian organizations support their staff to develop their personal and professional career. The primary goal of the employers is to give each employee a fair chance of growth. The companies invest in their staff in the same way as parents invest on their children. Australia is in need of skilled workers and it welcomes skilled people from all over the world.


  • Good employment opportunities
  • Excellent scope of career development
  • Good working conditions
  • Balancing work life
  • Every employee is treated equally
  • Competitive salaries

To work in Australia you need to have a valid Australian work visa unless and until you cannot work in Australia.


Australia was the first country in the world to have a complete system of bank notes made from plastic (polymer).
These notes provide much greater security against counterfeiting. They also last four times as long as conventional
paper (fibrous) notes.

The Australian economy is dominated by its service sector, representing 68% of Australian GDP. The agricultural and mining sectors account for 57% of the nation’s exports. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian per capita GDP growth is higher than that of New Zealand, US, Canada and The Netherlands. The past performance of the Australian economy has been heavily influenced by US, Japanese and Chinese economic growth.


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